The Artist

Early Life

Patrick grew up in rural Singapore in a kampong in the 1970s. He was the youngest of five in a family that struggled to make ends meet. Pat was not studious and was more interested in drawing and doodling. His early teen life was marked with hanging out with gangs and he did not have much to look forward to.


Early Career Growth as a graphic designer and photographer

What was certain was his passion for art and Patrick enrolled into Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts aided by his grandmother and extended family who could ill afford to. Though his gift and interest were in fine arts, he decided to pursue a diploma to acquire graphic design skills as a vocation. His early career saw him work as a visualiser in a creative production house. Subsequently, he met his wife Lily and they started a creative and design agency in the early 2000s where he was the Creative Director.  

Born again in 2005

The turning point in his life was in 2005 when he found Yeshua as his Lord when he attended church with his wife. He started finding a new meaning and purpose to life and started reading the Bible, and seeking Him and His wisdom every single day.  He then left the company he founded to work as a creative director in the church for the next 10 years.  

Artistic Growth

Throughout Patrick’s 20 years as a designer, photographer and artist, he continuously explored creating art pieces in different medium from watercolour to acrylic to pencil, exploring and developing his own style.  With his life significantly transformed by Yeshua, he started his first art piece in digital hyper-realism when he heard the Lord challenged him to a lesson of patience. Creating a full picture tediously stroke by stroke, the Lord showed him the beauty and fruits of patience. Inspired by the word of God, he continued to work on more pieces.  His vision is for anyone who sees any of these art pieces to be reminded of Yeshua and His grace in their lives. He decided to commit his life full time to this cause in 2017.

What holds for Patrick in the future?

Patrick's dream is to start a non-profit art/media school to equip needy youths with artistic skills- for them to acquire a vocation and be financially independent. He is hopeful that revenue generated from his art will fund the operations of the school.